One of the LIFE DINALP BEAR project objectives is establishment of common guidelines for brown bear management on a population level. The project started with the idea of common guidelines for four countries, participating in the project – Austria, Croatia, Italy, and Slovenia. However, this goal was soon after agreed to broaden geographically, as the initiative for common guidelines for bear management in the entire Alpine area was accepted at the meeting of the WISO Platform.

LIFE DINALP BEAR project gladly accepted the challenge to prepare a draft of “Guidelines for common management of Brown bear in the Alpine and Northern Dinaric region”, which was discussed on the two-day-workshop, held in Venice on 6th and 7th February. Bosnia and Herzegovina is also willing to participate in the establishment of the common guidelines for the Alpine and Dinaric area. At the same time, we organised networking with the project “Italy-Turkey cooperation for brown bear conservation”. Implementation of common management guidelines for brown bear in the Alpine and Northern Dinaric region will contribute to a long-term conservation of brown bear in this part of Europe.