ACTION C.9 – Brown bear population size and management scenario modelling system

Management of wild species can be a delicate matter and a daunting task, especially for charismatic species such as bears. It is imperative to base all decisions on sound logic and scientific findings. Action C.9 will bring forward tools for decision makers to gain better insight into population state and base their decisions on projections based on models.

In actions C.5 (monitoring) and C.8 (geo-database), we will provide hard, tools and scientific data on population sizes and densities. Using various reliable methods, information from monitoring and geo-database we will construct population size (densities) estimates. They will serve as starting points for informed management decisions.

For predicting possible management scenarios and their consequences, our web based tool will be an aid to manager and their decisions regarding bear population management. Managers will be able to vary specific scenario parameters corresponding to management decisions, and will gain insight into how population estimates (and their precision) may behave through time. This will aid them in predicting possible outcomes and make informed management decisions.

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