ACTION F.3 – After LIFE Conservation Plan

After LIFE Conservation Plan is a way of ensuring that the results of the project will be used, disseminated and communicated also after the end of the project and that the activities started during the project will become a regular practice in the trans-boundary brown bear management in the project area.

The After LIFE Conservation Plan will be produced with the purpose of organization the responsibilities and activities started within the project that will need to be continued also after the end of the project:

  • Inclusion of Common Guidelines into the national/regional management plans in Slovenia, Croatia, Austria and Italy (Provincia Autonoma di Trento) (Action A.6).
  • Regular use of conflict mitigation methods, which will be demonstrated as effective in the frame of the project (Actions C.1 and C.2).
  • Extensive use of the “Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Guidelines” handbook for EIA studies in the areas of bear presence (Action C.3).
  • Constantly operating electric fences along the selected sections of highways in Slovenia and Croatia and other vehicle-collision mitigation measures (Action C.4).
  • Optimized population-level surveillance of brown bear conservation status will be defined in the Common Guidelines as a base for activities integrated in the national/regional management plans (Action C.5).
  • Ecotourism website will remain operational also after the end of the project as a base for continuation of the non-consumptive bear use activities (Action C.6).
  • Carcasses of road-killed wild ungulates will be continued to be used for supplemental feeding of bears, in case this will be proven to be effective. (Action C.7).
  • Operational internet-based population-level monitoring geo-database (Action C.8).
  • Operational brown bear population size and management scenario modelling system (Action C.9).
  • Two newly established intervention groups working also after the project, one in the province Veneto and one in Croatia (Action C.10).
  • Continuation of organizing workshops for schools and use of information boards (Action E.1).
  • Continuation of using info-points in human-bear conflict hot-spots (Action E.3).
  • Operational project website and Facebook profile (Action E.4).

AFTER LIFE Conservation Plan

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