ACTION E.6 – Layman’s Report

Communication among the partners and also among different interest groups is one of the most important prerequisites for a successful continuation of the implementation of the activities, which will be set up during the project. Layman’s report will be a summary report of all the activities of the project and will therefore communicate the most important information about the project to a wider public.

The report will include information about the project objectives, the ways in which the objectives were achieved, concrete outputs of the project as well as the constraints of the project implementation and how were they addressed.

The report will also include a set of recommendations for the best practices regarding conservation of bears and coexistence of humans with bears and large carnivores. It will be translated into English, Slovenian, Croatian, Austrian and Italian language for the international distribution. The report will be distributed to all the partners, international colleagues, national media, and posted on the project web site. Presentation for media and interested public will be prepared at the end of the project – all of the results, encountered constraints and lessons learned will be presented.

LIFE DINALP BEAR Layman’s Report