On the occasion of the implementation of the action of counting bears in Croatia and Slovenia by using genetic sampling as part of the LIFE DINALP BEAR project, we’ve prepared a brief press release titled COUNTING BEARS AND COLLECTING OF SAMPLES HAS STARTED.

Official announcement informed the media representatives and the general public about the latest action on genetic bear tracking – action that overarching national borders because of projects coverage of the entire northern part of the Dinarides and the Alps as an area of bear presence in Croatia and Slovenia.

The use of these non-invasive methods (collecting excrements which are then subjected to laboratory analysis) enable scientists to estimate the number of bears without disturbing them. It is one of the largest actions of this kind in the world: it exceeds the national boundaries, and sets focus of protection and management on the brown bear on population level.

In addition to information on the progress of the project and current action, press release also had an “invitation to action” part that tried to further activate interested parties so that even more people would participate in the action of collecting samples.