We have prepared the third annual Population Status Report for brown bears in the Northern Dinaric Mountains and Central-Eastern Alps. It provides an overview of both, how populations are being managed and their current status over the entire project area. With such reports, we would like to provide the basic tool for wildlife managers dealing with bear management and conservation in each respective country/region, to consider bear conservation and management planning on a population level. Population-level understanding is the foremost condition that must be met, if we are to transcend the national or regional-level management practices that are the current norm in wildlife management and conservation.

In 2017 report you can find information (updated for 2016) about population estimates and monitoring, threats, detected bear mortality, distribution maps, human-bear conflicts and measures for resolving them in all project countries.

We believe that this document is a useful, updated compendium of available knowledge about these bears and that it will serve its purpose for wildlife managers.