On Thursday, September 27, 2018, the Forestry Institute and the Slovenian Forest Service held a presentation of the “Visiting Nature in Slovenia” Code of Conduct, which covers the guidelines of respectful behaviour in nature in Slovenia and encourages the protection of the environment. The goal of the code is to better inform visitors of nature and tourists how we behave in nature in Slovenia. The Code was created on the initiative of the Slovenian Association of Scouts. Twenty-seven organizations have participated in the development of the code, including the LIFE DINALP BEAR project.

The guidelines in the code are general, so that they can be used by everyone. Some guidelines are particularly important in terms of proper behaviour in the areas with brown bear presence: e.g. we don’t dispose waste (including biological) in nature, we don’t enter dens and feeding stations, we alert animals of our presence by talking so that they can withdraw, we never use hunting hides, etc.  Within the project, we are promoting the development of responsible bear related touristic programs; therefore, these guidelines will help us to raise awareness among guests visiting the bear area.

»Visiting nature in Slovenia« code of conduct is available HERE.