In September, the project-coordinating partner, Slovenia Forest Service, hosted project’s last monitor visit in Ljubljana, Slovenia. We were glad to receive our project monitor, Prof. dr. M. Kaligarič, and a representative of our co-financer, Slovenian Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, Mrs. J. Lebez-Lozej.

That morning started with a demanding objective: to get through all project actions in detail, check all our foreseen objectives and reached results, evaluate our tasks and implemented actions, and check our administration and financial procedures as thoroughly as possible. It was a tough day, but since we had met prepared and ready, the meeting ran smoothly and a complete overview of the five-year project filled us with pleasant feeling that our work matured its fruits. The results were there and recognised both on the local and on an international level. We did our best.

We thank Mr. Kaligarič and Mrs. Lebez-Lozej for all the help and inputs throughout the project and we hope we have managed and implemented this project to the degree that our work will leave noticeable positive results in the society in the long-term.