“Communication in large carnivore conservation and management” is a title of a networking and experience exchange workshop, which will be hosted by the University of Ljubljana within the frames of LIFE Lynx and LIFE DINALP BEAR projects from 16th to 18th April 2018 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Both LIFE Lynx and LIFE DINALP BEAR projects are focused nature conservation projects with a strong stakeholder dialogue and collaboration component. In the frames of the two projects we develop campaigns to gain public interest, understanding and support for the long-term conservation of brown bears and Eurasian lynx in Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Austria, Slovakia and Romania. Learning from experiences of others and sharing our experiences is crucial for maximizing the effectiveness or our activities as well as for ensuring the transferability and enabling the replicability of best practices.

Specific aims of the workshop are:

  • Share experiences in communicating on large carnivores related topics from different projects and initiatives across Europe and from North America.
  • Discuss key challenges and opportunities for communicating with main target groups.
  • Underline best practices to be clearly communicated in the workshop report.

To learn more about the workshop please check the Workshop Agenda.