A few weeks ago a brown bear named „Rudolf“ hit the headlines. It is very likely, that he originates from Slovenia or Italy, but he was noticed when he crossed the Austrian border towards Carinthia.

He didn’t show up as a very shy individual and was often portrayed by hikers, foresters, hunters and others. His most audacious idea was to enter Villach-Warmbad at night. An action which lead to a police operation.
There are some similarities between him and another bear named „Roznik“. He shows also a lot of day activity and is not afraid of entering human settlements. However, as well as Roznik, he doesn’t show aggressive behaviour towards people.

It is to be hoped, that „Rudolf“ doesn’t develop a strong tendency towards anthropogenic food sources and that he finds a proper territory to settle down. Where and when this will happen can’t be predicted.
Recently another bear was confirmed in Eastern Tyrol.

Photo from: http://www.kleinezeitung.at