Last week, workshop about use of livestock guarding dogs for preventing damages on livestock caused by large carnivores was carried out in Pivka, Slovenia.

Participants were acquainted with various effective damage prevention measures, one of which is also protecting the flock with livestock guarding dogs. Afterwards, all the guardian dog breeders, participating in the project, presented their breeds and main characteristics of their work. During the presentations, delivered by the cynologists, participants also got informed with the crucial points of the socialization and challenges of working with livestock guarding dogs. After the seminar, the participants and the journalists visited the local farm, where the owners are breeding livestock guarding dogs and use them as an effective damage prevention measure to successfully coexist with large carnivores. Lively discussion was carried out between participants – Slovenian Environment Agency, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food, Municipality of Pivka, Slovenian Karst Shepherd Club, livestock breeders and other interested local inhabitants – regarding the crucial point of working with livestock guarding dogs and their use in the future.