So far, almost 700 students took part in our educational workshops, taking place at primary and high schools across Slovenia, and workshops are now also being implemented across Croatia. Some time ago, our project team received a special workshop request from Gorenjska region. Therefore, last week, 8 workshops were carried out for preschool children (aged 5) from kindergarten Škofja Loka.

“Hands on” workshops with bear fur, skull and many other bear-related objects turned out to be a success. Wildlife researcher occupation was presented and the children learned about how to recognize signs of bear presence. Children were specially interested in bear footprint models. Each of the 8 participating groups made their own plaster casts of front and rear paws.

About 100 participants (children and kindergarten teachers) agreed new knowledge is very useful and their trips to the forest will now be safer and more relaxed. With appropriate behavior, encountering a bear in their natural habitat is not very likely, so instead, they will rather go visit them at the ZOO.