On Tuesday, May 30th 2017, we arranged a formal opening of information points of LIFE DINALP BEAR project, which are available for all travellers who stop at resting services Vukova Gorica or Ravna Gora on their journey along the highway between Zagreb and Rijeka.

Driving speeds on the highways are fast and the traffic is dense. The last thing on any driver’s mind is running into a wild animal. That is why Motorway Rijeka-Zagreb d.d. through the EU project LIFE DINALP BEAR applied special measures to diminish the possibility for bears or other animals getting onto the highway and at the same time to allow them to exit the highway, if they find themselves there. We would still like the drivers to be aware that, while they are passing through Gorski Kotar, they are in the habitat of bears and other wild animals.

Information points, i.e. info terminals, set at resting stops INA in Vukova Gorica and Marche in Ravna Gora enable highway travellers to acquire accurate data in a modern, amusing and simple way, and to gain further appreciation of the area and nature they are passing through.