As part of LIFE DINALP BEAR project, a new version of PlayDecide kit “Human and brown bear in Slovenia” was developed. It will serve as a tool for better understanding of different viewpoints through role playing.

Large carnivore conservation greatly depends on willingness of people to coexist. When working with stakeholders involved in brown bear conservation, there are situations when lack of understanding different views and experience can lead to conflict.

The game kit is very simple and can be printed with an ordinary home printer. It’s suitable for 4-8 players.

To demonstrate the game, we will be organizing a game tournament for those willing to put  their debating skills to the test and enhance their knowledge about brown bears. Event will be organized at the beginning of March in cooperation with Dinaricum Society, an NGO whose activities involve research, protection and sustainable development of the Dinaric Alps and its protected species.

The concept of PlayDecide game was developed within the European project FUND (SiS-CT-2009-230474). There are more than 30 different topics available in many European languages.