On Friday, 25th of November 2016, at Hotel Jezero in National park Plitvička jezera we held an official opening of LIFE DINALP BEAR project’s interactive portal (info point), action E3. Info point offers information about biology and ecology of brown bears and advices about how to behave around bears. As well, we can find there photo gallery with lots of bear photos, a ‘bear’ quiz and games for children.

Introductory word was held by the head of the Public relations  section of the National Park Krešimir Čulinović, who gave us some basic information about National Park Plitvička jezera and announced lecturers Slaven Reljić and Đuro Huber. Slaven Reljić held lecture on project advancement and goals, with special emphasis on non-consumptive use of brown bears and use of „Bear friendly“ marks for Eco tourist products which are produced  in a „bear friendly“ way. After that, professor Huber held lecture on research of bears in Croatia from the beginning in 1981 to today.

On the same day, we held another opening of the last project info point at Info center in National Park Sjeverni Velebit. Introductory word was held by the director of National Park Sjeverni Velebit Mirjana Javor, who introduced us with National Park Sjeverni Velebit. After that Slaven Reljić and Đuro Huber held their lectures.

In both occasions after presentation we held reception for the guests. Several media representatives covered openings.