International conference “LIFE farming” took place on 8th-9th May in Ljubljana. The main objectives of the conference were to highlight the topic of environmentally sustainable agriculture, especially the interdependence of nature conservation and agriculture.

On the first day we visited some LIFE projects on the field. First, we headed to Ajdovščina, where LIFE ViVaCCAdapt project actions were presented and we visited planted green windbreaks. Then, we went to Ig where the project team of the Notranjska Regional Park presented the LIFE project The intermittent Cerknica Lake, which measures are now being upgraded within the framework of the KRAS.RE.VITA project. We were also informed about the activities of the Ljubljana Marsh Nature Park. The measures implemented in the PoLJUBA project were also presented.

At the presentation stand, we presented LIFE DINALP BEAR project results, with focus on human-bear conflict prevention, especially in agriculture, and the non-commercial use of bears (bear-friendly products). After the conference welcome speech, some new solutions for agriculture and the environment, developed under the LIFE program, were introduced. Afterwards, examples of good practices that show the interdependence of agriculture and nature conservation were shown. At the end of the course, the importance of sustainable development, especially the cooperation of nature conservation and agriculture was stressed out.

The presentation of four foreign LIFE projects were carried out also: LIFE-Montado-adapt, LIFE AQUA, LIFE HelpSoil and AranLIFE. During the presentations, we were acquainted with each project’s implemented measures, as well as the problems and the communication process with different stakeholders. Besides SloWolf project, also LIFE DINALP BEAR was presented. The topic of human-bear conflicts was highlighted and examples of good practices for property protection, especially the use of electric fences, were presented.

Our project team attended also one of five workshops, the “Co-existence” workshop. There, we had the opportunity to talk about the importance of interdependence of agriculture and nature protection in much more detail. Searching for common solutions and new proposals for improving coexistence in the future has turned out to be of great importance.