Within the C1 action, illegal rubbish dumps were detected, based on telemetry data of radio-collared bears, gathered in D1 action. Besides locations, where illegal waste was present occasionally, one active dump site was detected in the immediate vicinity of the settlement. In this location, presence of the female bear, equipped with the telemetry collar, was often detected, even in late afternoon, when the possibility of the human-bear encounter is higher.

To maintain the ┬╗bottom-up┬ź communication approach, we firstly reported the problematics to the municipality. They reacted immediately and agreed to remediate the illegal rubbish dump site and closely collaborate to prevent illegal waste disposal in the future. Even if the problematics of easily accessible anthropogenic food was already discussed during the workshops, we wanted to raise awareness among local inhabitants additionally. Project’s local expert, Slovenia Forest Service Regional employees and members of local touristic society, who organized the traditional municipality’s cleaning action, helped us with additional promotion of the responsible anthropogenic waste disposal. With the active participation of the local inhabitants, proper behaviour for reducing probability of attracting bears close to human settlements was much easier comprehended.

Detailed information about these activities can be found in the report here (in Slovenian with English summary).