In the frame of renovation of our geo-portal and brown bear database, we carried out a workshop for authorised personnel (field inspectors) of Slovenia Forest Service (SFS), who work on protected wildlife species and especially on large carnivores. Among other duties, they are responsible for mitigating conflicts between people and large carnivores in the frame of Bear Intervention Group, they execute all measurements on removed individuals of protected wildlife species and inspect damage claims on human property.

At the workshop, they got familiar in details with the composition and functioning of the online geo-portal, where we collect data on brown bear at the population level. Data are contributed by project partners from four countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Italy and Austria), and the data set will be extended to other protected species in the future.

Field inspectors also learned about web and mobile Apps that we developed for the purpose of entering data, thus improving the process of data collection and reducing the possibility of errors. The processing and exchange of data among the competent institutions will be faster and more efficient in this way, which will also have a positive impact on the process of monitoring and management of the bear population.