On 25th October 2017, we held an educational workshop at the city beehive in Idrija, Slovenia, where we presented the effective preventive measures for protecting beehives from bear attacks. 27 beekeepers attended the workshop, and they told us about their experience with the bear and bear encounters. At least half of those beekeepers had already experienced damages from bears. Within the workshop, we presented bear biology facts and explained why the bears damage beehives and similar structures.

On this occasion, we donated one kit of electric fences (including the energizer, accumulator and electric nettings) to the Beekeepers’ Club from Idrija, which will be used to help their members protect their beehives.

We concluded the workshop with positive attitude that beehives and other property can be effectively protected on the basis of available knowledge about bears and various protection measures.

Photo Nr. 2: Martin Kolenc, Beekeepers’ Club Idrija