Nature parks represent the most valuable areas of Slovenian territory for long-term nature conservation, biodiversity and unique landscape features. Over 1200 natural monuments, 66 nature reserves, 34 landscape parks, 3 regional parks and a national park make up 13 % of Slovenian territory.

Between May 20 and 28, Slovenian Park Week celebration was taking place at protected areas across the country, hosting 32 events for all knowledge thirsty nature lovers.  Last weekend, entry point of Cerknica Seasonal Lake became the centre stage of the “Days of Notranjska park” event, organized by the Notranjska Regional Park.

Sunny weather and a wide variety of participants attracted lots of visitors from near and far.  A majority of visitors also stopped by the LIFE DINALP BEAR project stand, offering information about current project activities. At the same time, educational workshops about the brown bear took place for young visitors of the festival.