During the project, the Bear Friendly Label was awarded to more than 70 products and services in Slovenia and Croatia. These products promote coexistence between people and large carnivores through the use of different bear friendly practices: (i) effective protection of livestock, beehives or orchards, (ii) use of bear-proof garbage bins, (iii) development of responsible tourism programs, (iv) other forms of active promotion of large carnivore conservation.

To promote bear friendly products among tourists, we have prepared a bear friendly map, which provides contact information of bear friendly ambassadors. Contacts are divided in 5 main categories: accommodation and culinary offer, tourist guiding, honey products, other agricultural products and souvenirs. Stylized map shows approximate locations of where the products can be found and illustrates sporadic and permanent presence of bears in the region.

The map includes basic information about Bear Friendly Label and key facts about bear behaviour. Recommendations on how to behave in the bear areas and what to do in case of bear encounter are also given.