Within LIFE DINALP BEAR project some activity is also connected with the ecoturism. Ecoturism is providing important economic opportunities for local communites in the bear core area. Moreover, it gives an opportunity to educate people about mechanisms behind human-bear conflicts and ways to reduce them as well it has a high potential for enhancing brown bear value for public appreciation . With Institute Factory for sustainable tourism GoodPlace and tour agency Visit GoodPlace we have been working a lot on the field during the past year to identify the examples of good practice, meeting locals who offer different activities and prepared a few programmes, that represent a responsible bear practices in bear related tourism, that is also in accordance with our Guidelines.

From 7th to 11th March 2017 there was the biggest international tourism fair held in Berlin, Germany. We have presented our responsible practices also in a lecture to the audience, as well used the opportunity to talk about our programmes with the potential buyers. For this reason some promotianal material was prepared, the bookmarks and vouchers.