Provincia Autonoma di Trento published the press release about the bear capturing planned in the Action D.1 of the LIFE DINALP BEAR project. On October 28th the Trentino bear intervention group has captured a big male bear weighting 283 kg (the largest captured in Trentino so far). For Trentino area this is the third bear captured in the 2015. Unfortunately the bear has lost the collar in a few hours, probably because of the large size (the circumference of the head and neck are similar so there is high probability that the collar will slip off). Other two bears captured and equipped with radio collars are females. On August 21st a young (two years old) female F15 was captured. For other female, captured on October 20th, genetic analysis confirmed that it is a thirteen years old KJ2, which is responsible for human attack on June 10th.

You can read full press release here (in Italian).

Additional news about capturing bears in Trentino (in Italian).