We continue with the distribution of livestock guarding dogs, as a new project litter is available on Sedmak farm. At the beginning of the year, new puppies were born and they are now available to join new owner to protect their herds from brown bear and other large carnivores.

From Sedmak farm, we co-financed eight pups in 2017. All of them have integrated in the new environment very well and all the new owners are satisfied with their protection companions.

At Sedmak family farm, they have used livestock guarding dogs for almost two decades now and the facts is that they have not experienced any damages on their sheep herds. The dog breeder, Aleš Sedmak, says the first two years of education are crucial for the effectiveness of each livestock-guarding dog. Moreover, the use of several dogs is important to form a reliable protection against large carnivores.

Within LIFE DINALP BEAR project, we established working lines of LGDs in Slovenia to support the use of LGDs for livestock protection. Therefore, the project will support the purchase of puppies that will protect livestock from brown bears and other large carnivores in the future.