Discover Dinarics study tour was organized in September last year to present best practice bear related tourism products, that follow the guidelines for responsible bear use in tourism and promote coexistence between bears and humans. Simon Collier, Rewilding Europe’s Wildlife Tourism Manager and director of the European Safari Company (ESC), which specialises in unique adventures that directly support nature, wildlife and local cultures across Europe, was also invited to join the tour. Gladly, the cooperation stimulated development of new bear friendly tourism products. Slovenia was added as a new destination to ESC portfolio. The new program takes place in the region of Kočevska, includes parts of the Roška hiking trail with the local guide and guided observation of bears in partnership with the local hunters’ organization. Part of the revenues from the programs sold by ECS will be donated to nature conservation NGO’s, operating in northern Dinarics, which will directly contribute to bear conservation. Collaboration with larger tour operators is important, as it brings the local experience on the global market and helps to establish better opportunities for revenues, therefore maximizing ecotourism benefits to local communities and nature conservation.