This March, the first educational workshops on the brown bear for elementary and secondary schools took place in Croatia. The goal is to bring certain facts and curiosities pertaining to bear’s life closer to students within Science and Biology classes. During the workshop, children learn about anatomy, ecology and bear behaviour, as well as methods of preventing conflicts between the bear and people. Students will learn how scientists study the brown bear and what type of equipment they use (eg. telemetric collars). They will study the bear’s skull, its fur and other objects associated with the life of our largest carnivore. They will try their hand at  casting bear’s paw models.

On 14th March 2017, we  conducted our first workshop in the Elementary School Zrinski and Frankopan in Kuterevo. We will soon continue our visits and implement more workshops at Elementary School in Otočac, Elementary School Petar Zrinski in Čabar and two secondary schools in Zagreb.