In the last few months, we conducted ten more workshops about bears in Croatia: at the Elementary school Gerovo, Elementary school Perušić, Elementary school Ivana Gorana Kovačića Delnice, High school Željezničko tehnička Moravice, Elementary school Plitvice Lakes in Mukinje, and Elementary school Dr. Branimira Markovića in Ravna Gora. Workshops were held for pupils from 5th to 8th grades. In total 274 pupils participated in the workshops and heard more about the anatomy and ecology of the bear and about its behaviour, as well as methods for preventing conflicts between bears and people. Pupils participated in practical part of the workshop, too: making models of bear paws and calculating bear population abundance.

Pupils also learned how to behave in nature in the areas with large carnivore presence and how to effectively protect human property by preventing damages from large carnivore. We also talked about presence of bear, wolf and lynx in the local surrounding areas.

Here you can check out our activities during the workshop at the Elementary school Perušić.

We are looking forward to our next workshop!