Bear-proof compost bins that are already being distributed for free as part of a project conflict-mitigation measures, are now available also for commercial use. They are produced by Mr. Klemen Trobec from Polhove Gradec, Slovenia.

Bear-proof compost bins contribute to reducing human-bear conflicts, as they prevent bears from access to organic food. In this way we are reducing the probability of bears approaching human settlements. If you would like to contribute to mitigation of conflicts by excluding bears from access to a food resource in resident areas, you can now purchase a bear-proof compost bin.

Mr. Trobec is producing them in two sizes: 80x80x80 cm (price 205 €) and 100x100x100 cm (price 295 €). For inquires and information please contact him on e-mail address or mobile number 040624422. You can purchase his bear-proof compost bins that are made of massive oak wood and equipped with anchoring parts, at his address (Srednji vrh 8A, 1355 Polhov Gradec, Slovenia) or they can be delivered.