The purpose of bear-proof compost bins is preventing bears from accessing anthropogenic organic remains and therefore from attracting bears to human settlements. Bear-proof compost bins are made of massive oak wood, which cannot be damaged to the degree that bear could access the content. The cover is equipped with an extractable handle, which prevents bears from opening the bin.

Even if the prevention measure revealed as very effective, recently happened, that bear turned over one of the donated bear-proof compost bins. How did it happen?

Beside proper closing mechanism of the bear-proof compost bin, its appropriate anchoring into the ground is of crucial importance. In this case, bear took a chance to turn over improperly sailed compost bin. Owners reacted immediately with improving the compost bin’s anchoring and are now able to continue using the compost bin effectively.

With the help pf our local experts we are always available to help the bear-proof compost bin recipients and share advice on how to improve bins’ maintenance.