Two, in terms of animal-vehicle collisions problematic sections of the main road Ljubljana – Kočevje between Zgornje Lozine and Dolenja vas (Jasnica) and Ortnek and Žlebič, respectively, were equipped by two systems of dynamic traffic signs. The installation was enabled by ERICo Velenje, Ecological Research and Industrial cooperation and Slovenia Forest Service (in cooperation with MIEL Electronics Ltd., Directorate of the Republic of Slovenia for Infrastructure and hunting grounds Velike Poljane and Dolenja vas). This is a new way of solving the problem of animal-vehicle collisions in Slovenia. With the help of sensors, which are positioned near the road, the presence of animals along the road is detected. This triggers an electronic traffic sign “game on the road” (I-18). The system warns drivers about the presence of brown bears and other wildlife on the road at the moment when they are approaching the problematic section. As a result, the possibility of a collision of the vehicle with animals including bears, which has on both mentioned sections a crossing route, is greatly reduced.