On April 21st and April 22nd the workshop for the members of the intervention groups for large carnivores took place in Notranjska region, Slovenia. Members of the intervention groups from Slovenia, Croatia, Italy and Austria exchanged their experience with human-bear conflicts. On the first day the workshops about the topics like: vehicle-bear collisions, found ill or dead bears, orphaned bear cubs, illegal poaching, etc., were held for the participants. Next day a field trip for the participants was organised, where Slovenian intervention group members showed what are the procedures like, when brown bears in Slovenia cause damage on beehives. After that, an unprotected bear passage through the railroad (where every year bear-train collisions are recorded) was shown to the participants. Members of different intervention groups then exchanged their experiences, possible solutions and propositions for efficient human-bear conflict mitigation. Conclusions from the workshop will be used for the preparation of guidelines and intervention group protocol for actions to be undertaken in different conflict cases.