The LIFE DINALPBEAR project has ended in 2019. Nevertheless, many of its results and activities remain. One such result are the interactive info points for the visitors of the areas with bear presence. The terminals provide information about bears and coexistence with them – all through an interactive way with quiz, games, drawings and many more. You can challenge your knowledge and awareness by visiting them at the locations, provided below. Enjoy completing a quiz about bear. 🙂


·        ZOO Ljubljana

·        Slovenian Museum of Natural History, Ljubljana

·        Bearlog Hostel, Kočevje

·        Tourist Information Centre (TIC) Lož, Stari trg pri Ložu

·        INFOCENTER Triglavska roža, Bled


·        Plitvice Lakes National Park, hotel Jezero, Plitvička jezera

·        Risnjak National Park, Bijela vodica

·        Northern Velebit National Park, Krasno

·        Prirodoslovni muzej Rijeka, Stalni postav Kaštel Zrinski, Brod na Kupi

·        PUO Ravna Gora, Tifon, Marche restaurant on Motorway Rijeka-Zagreb

·        PUO Vukova Gorica, INA on Motorway Rijeka-Zagreb