Livestock guarding dog protecting the herd. Photo: T. Berce, LIFE DINALP BEAR

If we want to maintain the long-term existence of pasture in the large carnivore areas, the protection of livestock is of key importance. The most frequent damages occur to the small livestock. For effective protection, the combination of various prevention measures should be implemented (e.g. closing the herd into the enclosure of high electric fences, animal stalls and massive enclosures, the presence of shepherd and livestock guardian dogs). Livestock guardian dogs protect the herd against predators very effectively. Therefore, it is considered as one of the most effective measures. To protect grazing animals, this approach has been used for thousands of years. Although the use of livestock guardian dogs has decreased in the last century, nowadays, the idea was rebuilt again. Mainly because of the large carnivore populations expansion. Although, a lot of effort has to be invested in the first two years of the livestock guardian god training, it is a valuable investment for the future. If you are interested in protecting animals with livestock guardian dogs, you are invited to read a new handbook. As it is primarily based on the experience of livestock guardian dogs and livestock breeders, it will provide you with all the necessary information and practical advice.

The handbook Livestock guarding dogs is available in both the printed and e-version. The latter you can access here. The Italian and German version of the handbook will be soon available.