A female bear with three cubs wandered on a highway Ljubljana-Maribor in Vransko district in the night from 10th to 11th July. The unfortunate circumstances demanded all four traffic casualties; two cubs were killed by traffic at three a.m., the third one hour later, and the female the next night as she returned on the spot in the search of her cubs.

Traffic mortality represents an important factor of the total brown bear mortality in Slovenia. 180 bears were killed by traffic in the period 2005-2016 in Slovenia, on average 15 traffic casualties per year. Most of them were killed on railways (45%), 37% on state, regional, local and forest roads, and 18% on highways.

To minimize the traffic mortality, we implemented some technical measures on the most problematic sections (‘black spots’) of railways and state roads in the frame of LIFE DINALP BEAR project. Acoustic deterrents with sensors were installed onto the electric poles and into the roadside traffic pillars. Besides, two dynamic traffic systems alerts drivers in case of wildlife near the road. On highways, electric fence is the most efficient prevention measure against bears wandering onto the road. It is already in use in some sections in southeast Slovenia, while LIFE DINALP BEAR project is implementing this prevention measure on Ljubljana-Koper highway.