Gingerbread, manually produced by the Institute for preservation of cultural heritage Nesseltal Koprivnik, was recently awarded our bear friendly label. The honey bread cookies are made with honey produced in a bear friendly way: Darko Jakovec is using the electric fence to protect its apiary form bears, therefore reducing human-bear conflicts.  Last week honey bread cookies have travelled  together with the journalist and co-founder of Meta’s list media network Nataša Briški, from Kočevje to Iceland. Nataša is one of the 12 selected women from Europe and Middle East who will join the expedition to the North Pole. The core purpose of the expedition is to foster greater dialogue and understanding between women from Western and Arabian cultures. Iceland is hosting the training for the polar challenge and each team member brought a local dessert for their first meet up dinner. No wonder that Nataša picked bear-friendly cookies – in a way, they are not merely a treat but also promote a dialogue between different interest groups relevant to the coexistence of bears and humans.

Photo: Meta’s list media network