In March 2019, we held a meeting with livestock guarding dogs (LGDs) breeders and cynology experts, who participate in the project activities for prevention of damages on livestock caused by brown bears. Despite we are regularly in contact with each breeder, it is very important that the knowledge and experience are being discussed among all experts in the field of LDGs.  

Together we examined, how the pups, distributed from breeders’ working lines, have been integrated in their new environments. Our breeders have also the role of consultants to the new dog owners, as they are all very experienced, so they presented the challenges the new dog owners are facing when adopting a LGD. We also talked about the future and the role of LGDs in agriculture in Slovenia and how to maintain the quality of breeding of these dogs. Definitely, there is still much to talk about, so we all agreed that such meetings are more than needed.