The Bear Emergency Team of the Veneto Region has been officially established by approving Decree nr. 2 of 26.01.2016: with this act, the regional Operative Protocol for Bear Emergency Team in Veneto, approved by resolution of the regional council nr. 2236 of 03.12.2013 (Annex 2)  in the frame of the C4 action of previous LIFE project “Arctos” (LIFE 09 NAT/IT/000160 “Arctos”) and of the national bear Action Plan for central-east alps (PACOBACE), has become operative; in the Decree, the personnel from national Forest Service (Corpo Forestale dello Stato – CFS), and Provincial Policies of Belluno, Treviso, Verona e Vicenza is nominally individuated and authorized to participate in the training courses organized in the C10 action.

From 4 to 8 April 2016 took place the first training for the Veneto BIT at the Service Center for Forests and Mountain Activities (CESFAM) in Paluzza (Udine).

The course, based on a detailed program including three days of theory course and field practice and a final summary day with final exam and certificate issuance, was attended by a total of 70 people, including also members of intervention teams of Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, Lombardy Region and of Autonomous Province of Trento for the exchange of mutual experiences.

The field training was especially focused on bear monitoring (GPS monitoring, phototraps and collection of non –invasive genetic samples), bear capture (using Aldrich snares or tube trap) and setting of preventive measures.

Protocollo regionale per la definizione delle procedure operative delle squadre di emergenza orso (Protocol for Bear Emergency Team in Veneto; in Italian)

Decree nr. 2 of 26.01.2016