On May 12 the first traps for bear capturing were set on the 2 feeding sites in Croatia (Vrbovsko area), and on May 19 we set traps on one more location in Fužine area. The same night, from May 19 to May 20 first bear was captured at Tisova kosa. The bear was chemically immobilized, measured and collared with GPS/GSM Vectronic collar. First capturing took place after 7 days. It was a male bear of 170 kg, and he was named B43 Slavko, after local game warden Slavko Medved. The second bear was captured at the same site on May 28. We received SMS alarm from trap at 23:36. It was a male of 186 kg and named B44 Bojan. Third bear was captured following night, from May 29 to May 30, at the other site near Vrbovsko. This was the third male in a row, named B45 Matej (178 kg). However, the third bear somehow took the collar over the head already the next day. It is planned to capture 4 bears in the vicinity of Rijeka-Zagreb highway, so we need to capture and mark two more bears. Main purpose of the bear capturing is to monitor the effectiveness of implemented measures (electric fence, one-way exit doors and jump-out ramps along the highway).