FINDING BEARINGS, international conservation and coexistence photo contest was held between March and April 2017.

The authors presented their visions of coexistence possibilities with Europe’s largest carnivore. 34 authors from Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Italy, Poland and Romania entered the contest with 86 photos. Expert jury presented a selection of best works, which were showcased at the

 travelling exhibition “Life with bears”.

Winning photo “Scarface” (author: Lukasz Fijalkowski)

Travelling exhibition was displayed on many locations throughout Slovenia and Croatia during the project.

After the end of the project, the majority of photos was donated to different organisations, which now display the photographs permanently in their public venues.

In Croatia, on the other hand, you can still visit the entire exhibition in Zagreb Zoological garden, where they reproduced it for a permanent display outdoors.

Kindly invited!

In April 2019 photography exhibition was displayed in Krpanov dom Pivka, Slovenia. (Photo: Krpanov dom Archive)